It's time to admit it. You're white and you benefited.

It's okay, people will appreciate it and forgive you if you just acknowledge it. Wear this t-shirt and let people know that you benefited from apartheid. 

Black people, don't be shy...we're sure you know some white folks who have tried to tell you that Employment Equity is racist. Get them a shirt! If you don't know of any, just buy a couple and give them to the cashiers at Woolworths to hand out to their next customers. 

If, however, you are, due to the way you embody transformation in your daily dealings, in no need of acknowledging publicly that you benefited, maybe you can get one for anyone of your myriad friends who still, embarrassingly say things like "these people" at dinner parties.  These shirts also make excellent Christmas gifts for grandparents who think that there never used to be any coloured people in Constantia, and don't understand why they want to move in now, dammit!

If you want to buy a shirt just click on "I benefited from apartheid" on the left.